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Failed T-Shirt Submissions | Lady Littlefox Designs

Lady Littlefox Designs

Welcome to my Portfolio of 3D work for Poser and DS

Failed T-Shirt Free-for-all.... As with all things, there are successes and failures. I created the art in this folder for various contest or just personal use and over the course of the years figured that if folks really wanted t-shirts or coffee mugs or whatever out of them... (and to judge from the emails I've received, some folks do! Thanks for the encouragement guys!) Anyway, if some folks really want them on something, here's the PNG files. Go have fun with my blessing. HOWEVER.... YOU MAY NOT SELL THE PRODUCTS MADE FROM PRINTING THESE!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! BAD!!!! These are only for personal use!!!!! And if you would like to donate a little money for my website funds to keep me doing some fan art now and then, I'd be appreciative, but in no way is it necessary or in any way payment for these. That's just being nice to the artist. Donate towards my web hosting bill! (sorry, code only allows $10 minimum)